Darren Fletcher Departs Albion, Joins Old Trafford

It has been reported that Darren Fletcher, the legendary footballer from Manchester United has sealed the statement that he is switching back from West Bromwich Albion to Old Trafford to follow a stint to be a part of their coaching staff. Darren Fletcher has been involved with the academy built at the Hawthorns. But he made up his mind recently to shift back to the club where he has spent the majority of time during his playing days. The midfielder joined the Red Devils as unofficial and informal ambassador as he makes his return to the club, he still holds on to the huge affiliations for the club.

The Scottish international was the captain of West Bromwich Albion since he joined the club in January 2015 till the 2017 summer. Then he left Albion to join Stoke City but was finally released at the end of the previous season. He has had all but the perfect time in his playing career that followed two of the campaigns with the Stoke City Football Club. The central midfielder has given trials a lot of time to become a sports pundit with several organizations and channels.

He was also invited by Luke Dowling, the Technical and Sporting director of West Bromwich Albion to become the coach for the youth campaign of the club. Darren Fletcher has not kept any secret of the statement that he is still a big fan of Albion and he is fond of watching their games. He has been visiting their training ground regularly when he was at Stoke City. He went to Aggborough to see the under-23 action led by Deon Burton.

No doubt Darren Fletcher remains the cult figure of Manchester United from where he got his recognition as a footballer following the time of his success there. But the lure to shift to one of the elite and top-flight clubs was not only difficult but his turning down point.

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