Fletcher Wants To Get Back On Track For United

The veteran midfielder of Manchester United, Darren Fletcher has finally overcome his physical condition and seemed to have conquered the obstacles he faced due to a long term battle with ulcerative colitis.

During the last 3 seasons Fletcher was limited to only making 23 league appearances for his club and this is due to his bowel condition but after undergoing a surgical procedure, Fletcher spoke to the public and said that he is feeling fantastic and he just wants to focus on winning trophies not only with his club Manchester United but also with his country Scotland.

Fletcher said: “I’m past all the sentimental stuff, and I am just back to where I was, competing and trying to win things. I don’t have the condition any more. It’s not even a case of being on top of it, I just don’t have it. That’s a result of the operation. I feel fantastic now.”

Fletcher was featured in Scotland’s latest international match against Germany as both national teams battled with each other hoping to secure points that can allow them to qualify and get into the next stages of the 2016 Euro’s. The match ultimately concluded in a 2-1 triumph for the current champions of the world, Germany but despite suffering a loss Scotland made an impressive performance as they battled until the last few seconds of the match.

Georgia, Poland and Republic of Ireland are the next opponents that Scotland has to face off in October and November and Fletcher believes that his teammates and country are capable of picking up positive results and qualify into the 2016 Euro’s.

Fletcher added on and said: ‘’We want to win all our home games. That’s the plan in qualifying, to pick up points away from home and win your home games. I think we’ve got a great chance this time. I think you look at Germany as the standouts in the group and then after that the teams are quite evenly matched behind them. It’ll be a battle for those second and third places but we’ve got to believe in ourselves and if we can perform to our capabilities then I’m sure we can qualify.”