Fletcher on Manchester United

Former Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher believes that Jose Mourinho has a good squad and that he is sure that their form will improve in the future. He said that it has been a tough start to the season but he feels that their fortunes are beginning to change.

He said that the victory against Juventus can be a turning point in their season and that the players might start to believe that they can beat anyone. He said that the Italian team was the finalist of last season Champions League and that they are the current favorites. He believes that it was a great tactical game by Manchester United and that this will give them some confidence going into the game against Manchester City.

He said that Jose Mourinho has instilled his determination as well as aggressiveness into this team and that he is sure that they will continue to progress.

Darren Fletcher believes that the main man for Manchester United at the moment is Paul Pogba and that he has yet to perform at the same level as he does for France. He said that the French international is a world-class player and he feels that he has yet to find his best position at Manchester United.

The former Manchester United midfielder said that there are so many players that are under-performing in the team and it is important that Jose Mourinho find a way to get them involved in the game.

He said that Alexis Sanchez is another enigma. He said that at Arsenal he was playing like a potential Ballon d’Or winner and that his form has dropped drastically since he joined Manchester United. He believes that the player is not getting the service that he was getting at Arsenal and it is important that the Portuguese manager find a solution to this.

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