Manchester United midfielder and Scotland international Darren Fletcher has said that the prospect of retirement has definitely not crossed his mind. The 27-year-old has been missing from the Manchester National first-team for almost a year now. He has been granted indefinite absence from the first team by manager Sir Alex Ferguson after he was diagnosed with an irritable bowel condition that will certainly not allow him to play and train. It was anticipated that he would be returning to first-team action by the start of the season, but there has been no return of the influential midfielder.

This has led to many questioning the future of the 27-year-old. Even manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he does not expect Darren Fletcher to be available for the start of the new season, while also conceding that he has numerous challenges ahead of him before he can think about playing professional football again. Yet, the player has said that he is not contemplating retirement at the moment because he still thinks that there is a way he can return to playing after getting his problem cured. Sir Alex Ferguson’s comments recently appeared to suggest that Fletcher would retire from football and would take up a position at the club.

“That’s not really an option, I just want to keep playing. I know one day I will be back. I’m only 28 and want to give myself every opportunity. I’ve not started training yet, but I’m listening to the doctors and just taking my time. At the moment I feel like I’m capable of coming back. We’ll try and win every cup we can but the main priority is the league. Obviously after Manchester City won the title we are determined to win it back,” said Darren Fletcher in a recent interview.