It wasn’t hard for Fletcher to leave Manchester United

Even though Darren Fletcher spent over 10 years of his playing career in Old Trafford, the experienced midfielder said that it wasn’t difficult for him to leave the Premier League club as he left on February 2 of 2015 and joined West Bromwich Albion.

Players who manage to get a significantly high amount of appearances for a club usually build a special relationship with that club and Fletcher made over 220 appearances for Manchester United and started to help the club in Old Trafford in snatching titles since the early age of 11 but even with everything that Fletcher accomplished with the English side, it always was something that he was prepared to do.

Former Manchester United player, Fletcher said: “Leaving United wasn’t as difficult as I would have thought really. Obviously I’ve got great memories and great friends there, but it wasn’t a wrench because I was prepared for it and I felt my time there was up.’’

“It was time for a new challenge and I wanted to play regular football. You make a decision at a certain stage of career of how much game time you are willing to accept. I am too young to be playing as little as I was so in that sense it was a really good challenge for me.’’

One of the main problems that Darren Fletcher faced in Old Trafford was the fact that he could never get a regular spot in the starting lineup of the Premier League club and the Scottish midfielder decided to join West Bromwich Albion where he has become the captain and plays an important role which is what he always wanted to do but has been struggling on accomplishing it in Manchester United for the past few years.