Fletcher: ‘’Players have to get used to fan abuse’’

West Bromwich Albion was held to a surprising defeat after losing against Reading in the FA Cup when both sides faced off on February 20 at the Madejski Stadium.

The team that is fighting in the middle section of the English League Championship managed to overcome West Bromwich Albion with a final scoreboard of 3-1.

The result was not the only noteworthy thing that occurred in the game but there was something else that has reached the headlines of websites and it involves Chris Brunt who received a hit from a fan who launched a 50 pence piece at the player which just narrowly crossed his eye.

Darren Fletcher is an experienced player who at the age of 32 knows what it’s like to be hated and loved by the supporters of a club and the Scottish player stated that these kinds of things happen but the players have to get used to it as it will happen from time to time.

‘’Small things can sometimes escalate and get a lot of people behind it because of the power of social media. It is a new generation, it is something we have got to accept, it is not going away and we are going to have to deal with it. But ultimately there is a line and unfortunately at Reading that was crossed. You expect to be hit by away fans but not your own fans. Let’s hope it is one incident because we need all of the fans with us and I am sure they will be right behind the players.” Darren Fletcher said.

Reading booked their place in the quarter-finals of the English FA Cup meanwhile West Bromwich Albion were eliminated and now have something less to worry about and will probably be focusing on the Premier League for the rest of the season.