Darren Fletcher: West Bromwich Albion is in a relegation battle

Darren Fletcher has a pretty amazing story as the veteran midfielder has recovered from a career-threatening illness and at the age of 31, the Scottish player still continues to prove what a class act that he is.

After having spent 13 years in Manchester United, he made a move to West Bromwich Albion and his career has taken a boost as the player is performing better than ever.

Even if Darren Fletcher is playing at his best, you might still not see his name in the score-sheet of the team where he is performing in. To truly appreciate the contributions that Fletcher does in a pitch, you have to actually see the match as the veteran midfielder controls games.

The way he distributes the ball in the center of the pitch, the Scottish midfielder rarely losses the ball always knows the player to pass the ball and even in the most difficult or pressurized of situations, his distribution in the playing ground is remarkable.

However, even with the revival that Darren Fletcher has experienced it still has not been enough to completely push West Bromwich Albion out from the possibility of getting relegated in this season.

West Bromwich Albion is positioned in the 13th spot of the Premier League with 37 points, they are 7 points away from the relegation zone which should be enough for any team to feel secure but taking into consideration that the upcoming opponents of Bromwich Albion are: Manchester United, Newcastle United, Chelsea and Arsenal. The team of Tony Pullis might not be able to secure anymore points in this season considering the tough matches that are awaiting them.

Darren Fletcher is well aware that the possibility of entering the relegation zone is a real one as the captain of the team said: “We need to take a look at ourselves as individuals and as a team and realize we are in a real battle,”
It’s been less than 4 months since Darren Fletcher joined West Bromwich Albion but he has already made a huge impact in the team as the Scottish midfielder is the captain and is the main focus in the midfield of the squad but his main task is to help his new team in avoiding the relegation zone and the veteran player is fully determined on doing so.