As long as the internet remains open and free, ignorance will reign supreme. The irony can’t possibly be lost on anyone. That the more information we seem to possess as a specie, the more stupid we become.

Yesterday, Cesc Fabregas was on Twitter blasting a pundit who talked down on Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp as if he was talking about Denilson.

The former Gunner couldn’t believe it was possible for a rational human being to talk down on Dennis Bergkamp and question his legendary status at the North London club just because he couldn’t guide Arsenal to a UEFA Champions League triumph.

Fabregas may think that might sway the pundit into taking down his opinion which may even be more foolish since in the age of too much freedom of speech, words become meaningless and both the senseless and the sensible are bundled together in the TwitterSphere and forever lost in the noise.

Even if he manages to sway enough people, it is not as if even if Bergkamp becomes Jesus Christ, no one will hate on him. Even Jesus ended up on the cross by the same hands he fed with five loaves and two fishes.

They couldn’t even offer him water to drink.

Adrian Durham, the pundit in question was also reported to have said a lot of other baseless things concerning the Arsenal legend, mostly questioning whether Bergkamp was “that good” citing a single trophy as the greatest litmus test of who is a great or not.

Bergkamp was known as the non-Flying Dutchman in England due to his fear for flight travel. Although statistics will always be used to promote bias instead of calling out baloney, being the fifth all time ranking assist player in the Premier League history remains a big achievement.

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