Fletcher: ‘’Players have to get used to fan abuse’’

West Bromwich Albion was held to a surprising defeat after losing against Reading in the FA Cup when both sides faced off on February 20 at the Madejski Stadium.

The team that is fighting in the middle section of the English League Championship managed to overcome West Bromwich Albion with a final scoreboard of 3-1.

The result was not the only noteworthy thing that occurred in the game but there was something else that has reached the headlines of websites and it involves Chris Brunt who received a hit from a fan who launched a 50 pence piece at the player which just narrowly crossed his eye.

Darren Fletcher is an experienced player who at the age of 32 knows what it’s like to be hated and loved by the supporters of a club and the Scottish player stated that these kinds of things happen but the players have to get used to it as it will happen from time to time.

Jamie Redknapp says Darren Fletcher is showing why Tony Pulis put the faith in him

Jamie Redknapp says Darren Fletcher is showing why Tony Pulis put the faith in him and bought him from Manchester United.

According to Redknapp, Fletcher is the ideal character to be in the side for a manager as he has got tremendous fighting abilities and also, a winning mindset.

Redknapp was looking very impressed with Fletcher’s strike the other day in the game versus Newcastle United which led West Bromwich Albion to their first win in English top tier in 5 weeks.

After the Gunners’ game which they had won on 21st of November, the Baggies had been going winless and were in desperate need to turn the corner and they were able to do so thanks to Fletcher.

Lauding the veteran midfielder on a television show, Redknapp said, “When you have your backs against the wall, it’s about showing character and Fletcher is the kind of individual who would do that.”

“His fighting abilities make him stand apart from the others. He is quite steely. You see in spite of the health and injury issues that he has had at different stages in his career, the way he has come back and got his career back on track, it shows what he’s made of.”

West Brom had the poor record of blowing a lead twice

West Brom had the poor record of blowing a lead twice at home this season, but they managed to keep the nerves in the 2-1 win over Arsenal during the weekend.

It was mightily impressive victory, but the club were certainly helped by Arsenal missing a penalty. Even then, the players can be proud of the victory and former Manchester United defender Darren Fletcher was especially happy with the resilience shown by the players. This Uncategorized

It wasn’t hard for Fletcher to leave Manchester United

Even though Darren Fletcher spent over 10 years of his playing career in Old Trafford, the experienced midfielder said that it wasn’t difficult for him to leave the Premier League club as he left on February 2 of 2015 and joined West Bromwich Albion.

Players who manage to get a significantly high amount of appearances for a club usually build a special relationship with that club and Fletcher made over 220 appearances for Manchester United and started to help the club in Old Trafford in snatching titles since the early age of 11 but even with everything that Fletcher accomplished with the English side, it always was something that he was prepared to do.

Former Manchester United player, Fletcher said: “Leaving United wasn’t as difficult as I would have thought really. Obviously I’ve got great memories and great friends there, but it wasn’t a wrench because I was prepared for it and I felt my time there was up.’’

Darren Fletcher: West Bromwich Albion is in a relegation battle

Darren Fletcher has a pretty amazing story as the veteran midfielder has recovered from a career-threatening illness and at the age of 31, the Scottish player still continues to prove what a class act that he is.

After having spent 13 years in Manchester United, he made a move to West Bromwich Albion and his career has taken a boost as the player is performing better than ever.

Even if Darren Fletcher is playing at his best, you might still not see his name in the score-sheet of the team where he is performing in. To truly appreciate the contributions that Fletcher does in a pitch, you have to actually see the match as the veteran midfielder controls games.

The way he distributes the ball in the center of the pitch, the Scottish midfielder rarely losses the ball always knows the player to pass the ball and even in the most difficult or pressurized of situations, his distribution in the playing ground is remarkable.

However, even with the revival that Darren Fletcher has experienced it still has not been enough to completely push West Bromwich Albion out from the possibility of getting relegated in this season.

Darren Fletcher can leave MU for Free Transfer

Darren Fletcher reached an amicable agreement with Manchester United that allowed him to leave the club for a free transfer. Fletcher had been at United since the start of his career, but it became clear that he was no longer in the plans of manager Louis van Gaal.

The Scotland captain has missed a lot of football in the last few years due to chronic illness. Keen to avoid more time being lost the game, the midfielder decided to move to West Brom in the January transfer window. In his first press conference as a West Brom player, Fletcher says that he moved to the hawthorns for regular game time.

Darren Fletcher back After Long Time Injury

After recently returning from a long-term injury, Darren Fletcher has been featuring regularly for Manchester United and Scotland.

He was part of the Scottish team that was defeated 3-1 by archrivals England in a friendly match. This was seen as a major opportunity for Gordon Strachan to show that he has made a lot of progress since taking over. Even though it was only a friendly match, both teams were extremely keen on winning. It was England who continue to their impressive form after Wayne Rooney and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored the goals to seal a victory.

Andrew Robertson found the back of the net for Scotland, but his 83rd minute goal was merely a consolation. Fletcher said after the match that Scotland could have played much better and it would have helped them get a better result against their arch rivals. He pointed out that his team were not patient enough nor did they pass the ball with a lot of success. Fletcher was once a regular starter for Scotland, but his injury problems have now made him a substitute. He came on for Scott Brown as a second-half substitute against England.

Fletcher Wants To Get Back On Track For United

The veteran midfielder of Manchester United, Darren Fletcher has finally overcome his physical condition and seemed to have conquered the obstacles he faced due to a long term battle with ulcerative colitis.

During the last 3 seasons Fletcher was limited to only making 23 league appearances for his club and this is due to his bowel condition but after undergoing a surgical procedure, Fletcher spoke to the public and said that he is feeling fantastic and he just wants to focus on winning trophies not only with his club Manchester United but also with his country Scotland.

Fletcher said: “I’m past all the sentimental stuff, and I am just back to where I was, competing and trying to win things. I don’t have the condition any more. It’s not even a case of being on top of it, I just don’t have it. That’s a result of the operation. I feel fantastic now.”

Fletcher Aware Of Need To Perform

Darren Fletcher has received a lot of plaudits for the way he has successfully returned from his injury troubles of recent years. Manchester United midfielder was a regular in the squad in the second half of last season. However, his problems in recent years appears to have taken his form out of the game and it may be a while before he regains it. Until then, his Manchester United future will be under speculation. Fletcher has admitted this and says that the upcoming campaign is very important for his career.

The 30-year-old is aware that his playing days are coming to an end and he may be playing at the top only for a couple of years. The Scottish international will find it hard to establish himself in the Manchester United team this time around. Primarily this is due to the lack of matches for the former Premier League champions, as they are not involved in European competitions. Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup will be the tournaments they will be involved. Fletcher is primarily targeting fitness in the pre-season. After almost 18 months without playing football, his fitness has suffered.

Fletcher Hopes For First Team Placement

Darren Fletcher recently returned to Manchester United’s first-team after several months from the sidelines. He comes back in much stronger player after having recovered from a life-threatening injury, but Fletcher could be finding himself in the prospect of becoming a substitute at United. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Fletcher was held in high regard. Due to the injury troubles, United have become extremely light in the midfield area. They could be spending a huge amount of money in trying to bring players like Cesc Fabregas and Toni Kroos in the summer.

They have already brought in Juan Mata from Chelsea for a club record fee of £ 37 million. Despite the expected increase in competition, Fletcher says that he wants to regain the first-team squad in the United team once again. Unlike before his injury, Fletcher was one of the midfielders with a bright future. Now, he comes back as an experienced member of the squad. This experience could prove to be vital, as United look to regain the former glory days. The midfielder has accepted that there is a lot of quality within the team and it will be difficult to play on a regular basis.